Webmonday, October 2017

Our latest edition of WebMonday brought an inspiring mix of technologies from three interesting and innovative startups with very different backgrounds.

Let’s dig deeper to find out what we learned. 


Up first on the stage was Pranay Jain whom presented Enterprise Bot. Pranay opened with a problem that we all sometimes have - you call customer service but no one answers. With Enterprise Bot, Pranay and the team have created a service to answer your calls in under three seconds for a fraction of the cost using Artificial Intelligence.
Their aim is to automate all repetitive questions that clients may face, such as a bank with a client whom calls for a change of address.

Pranay enlightened us with words of wisdom, that we as entrepreneurs should figure out and find our niche in the market. Pranay and the team started as a Business to Consumer company however they pivoted to a Business to Business model shortly after. They learnt to look at their daily revenue and burn rate to keep in control of when they will be in profit.

Enterprise Bot were able to automate 75% of all queries for Afterpay, and 23% of total conversions came from the chatbot. 

“Go and figure out which companies want to work with new innovative solutions and are proactive.“

At Enterprise Bot, the team is very important, they have been through thick and thin together and they have backbones in finance, IT and Marketing which have been key to the success of the startup.

After our first talk in English, we switched to German, where brothers, Daniel and Dominik Stocker presented flatnap, a startup spawned from canton Graubünden. Daniel and Dominik come from the tourism domain with design management and design thinking skills.

Within the last few years, there has been a decline in the Swiss tourism industry. Flatnap aims to change this by allowing guests to pay a monthly fee in order to travel and stay as many times as they wish in certain hotels.Switzerland is a wonderful place, from the vast lake of Geneva, to the romantic scenery in Ticino, to the mountains in Valais, and the old city of Zurich.

There’s something for everyone, whether you like hiking, skiing, wine touring or relaxing in a sauna with a view of the mountains as your backdrop.

With flatnap, you can simply log in to the web app and pick the number of nights, the number of people, and start your monthly subscription. Dominik informed us that the flatnap application started as a prototype designed around offering quality and not quantity.

Be sure to sign up if you want to fill up your weekends this winter in some of the more exotic hotels across Switzerland.

We then switched back to English for our final presentation. Peter Pridal presented Klokan Technologies, a company specialized in maps for people. Recently, they have open-sourced a stack which allows self-hosting of the world at high resolution with various different tile layers.

The stack is set up to be as easy as possible to install and setup, and only requires 50GB of space. Allowing clients more customisation and freedom with their mapping solutions that they wish to incorporate into their websites or mobile applications.

Leveraging several open-source technologies, users only need to install Docker and then run the install to get their maps hosted on their own servers. Reducing the cost to host and run your own mapping solutions to practically zero.

Klokan Technologies, which actually means Kangaroo in Czech, was able to turn 270TB of high-resolution satellite imagery into a 200GB map using their open-source solution.

If you’re in need of a mapping solution, don’t hesitate to check out https://openmaptiles.org

After three very innovative and creative presentations, we ended the evening over an enriching apero. We’d like to give huge thanks to Swisscom for not only sponsoring the apero but for also hosting us at Swisscom Pirates Hub.

Our next Web Monday will take place in January 2017, we’re still looking for a sponsor so get in touch with us.